Tracey Leigh Crozier

Bob Ross Certified Oil Painting Instructor®/ Expressive Arts Facilitator/ Professional Artist

Unleash your inner artist/set your soul free/and paint along with me in a fun positive environment without judgement.

I am a professional artist and Bob Ross Certified Instructor® for landscape/seascape oil painting. Teaching the alla prima wet-on-wet oil painting technique is my passion as I love the idea of being able to complete an oil painting in a few hours without having to wait for each layer to dry.

Over the years I have continued learning different approaches to oil painting with many great artists to further my artistic journey.. I have also trained in Indiana with 2 amazing artists such as Steve Ross (Bob Ross’ son) and Dana Jester (Bob Ross’ best friend). It is important to continue growing as an artist and I love sharing that knowledge with anyone who wants to learn how to paint with oils using the alla prima oil painting method.

In addition to Bob Ross® inspired canvases, I also create and sell my original artwork, inserting a hidden smile within each painting.  If you can find it, my smiley face is a reminder that no matter how tough life gets, someone is always smiling with you.

Creating art can be therapeutic.

I believe art is also therapeutic as it feeds the soul and changes one’s focus for a few hours by playing in a world of colour. It is a safe place where we can transform a blank canvas into a work of art we can look at and say, “Did I do that?” or “I don’t believe I did that!” I firmly believe anyone can paint…all you need is the desire.

My oil painting classes have been instrumental in helping people heal through art, individually and in groups, as activities at Wellness Retreats for PTSD and Mental Health Awareness. Painting also helps families and loved ones reconnect through the joy of learning to paint together.

” As a cancer survivor, painting helped express my emotions at times when words couldn’t. I had a 4 yr old who wanted her mom and a husband who wanted his wife back. I was scared and felt so alone and broken, powerless and vulnerable all at the same time, which I hated. I couldn’t put into words what I was feeling, nor could I control what was happening to me. Throughout my recovery, painting soothing nature scenes was my preferred outlet as it enabled me to turn my darkest feelings and thoughts into something light and beautiful. I loved Bob Ross and his happy painting world! Painting gave me hope and I felt so empowered that I wanted to help others work their way through challenging times, which led me to become a Certified Bob Ross Instructor®. I moved my family 4000km from Eastern Canada to Western Canada to be closer to the mountains and share the gift of painting soothing landscapes.”

I have always been mesmerized by the sky and felt a deep connection with nature since I was a child. I encourages everyone to paint along with me and create any happy little sky and landscape they like!

I have often been told that my positivity shines through with my patient understanding demeanour, as well as my free spirited nature full of empathy, non judgement and acceptance.

Join me and have fun with a wet-on-wet oil painting class!

My classes are held at my studio and at Kensington Art Supply & Instruction, as well as at organized private and public venues like those listed below.

  • Private parties
  • Paint & Sip nights or afternoons
  • Team Building Events
  • Corporate  venues
  • Painters On The Go 1 hour classes
  • Public and private 2-3 hour classes
  • Group workshops
  • Civic organizations
  • Independent Senior Living Centers
  • Local Meet-Up Groups
  • RV Park Activities
  • Adult Education Classes
  • Church Organization’s Events
  • Community  Centre Events
  • Backyard Plein Air Get Togethers