IMG_0189     Tracey Leigh Crozier is an artist inspired by nature’s soothing elements.  She paints with gratitude, love and peace in her heart, hoping it gets passed on to everyone who sees her paintings.   She creates and sells her original artwork, inserting a hidden smile within each painting.  If you can find it, her smiley face is a reminder that no matter how tough life gets, someone is always smiling with you.

B260CCBD-68E6-4EB4-99D7-0D5641D05DF5    Tracey is also a Bob Ross Wet-On-Wet Technique® Certified Instructor® giving classes specializing in oil on canvas landscapes/seascapes,  in Calgary, Alberta.  Paintings are created and taken home in the same day.  There are classes suitable for complete beginners or anyone who wants to learn Bob’s wet-on-wet technique®. Classes can be booked for :

  • Private parties
  • Paint & Sip nights or afternoons
  • Team Building Events
  • Corporate  venues
  • Painters On The Go 1hour classes
  • Public and private 2-3 hour classes
  • Group workshops
  • Civic organizations
  • Independent Senior Living Centers
  • Local Meet-Up Groups
  • RV Park Activities
  • Adult Education Classes
  • Church Organization’s Events
  • Community  Centre Events
  • Backyard Plein Air Get Togethers